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Kent Moors, Ph.D. - Executive Chair - Energy Capital Research Group

Kent Moors, Ph.D.

Executive Chair
Energy Capital Research Group

  • Speaking at: Session 4: Liberated Areas Infrastructure Funds: Corporates & Government Energy Projects Announcements

Dr. Moors is Executive Chair of the Baltimore-based Energy Capital Research Group. An internationally recognized expert in energy policy/finance and risk assessment, Dr. Moors is also president of Pittsburgh and Fort Lauderdale-based ASIDA, Inc., a global energy risk assessment firm. His subscription energy investment advisory services have over 600,000 subscribers worldwide.    

He is a leading “go-to” consultant for public and private policy makers on geopolitical developments impacting energy policy and security concerns. He is particularly known for providing targeted political, market and risk assessments in crises or rapidly changing environments.

Dr. Moors has advised in 32 countries, including Iraq and Kurdistan. Most recently, he has advised on the US-Chinese trade disagreement, fallout from the Iranian oil sanctions, the Saudi-UAE diplomatic impasse, and the instability in Venezuela.

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